Community safety

This section provides information on the community safety prevention and intervention activities carried out. As well as targeted home fire safety checks, crews conduct a number of local community safety initiatives each year. Road traffic safety, working with schools, vulnerable groups and recent projects has been aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour, in particular secondary fires. These include:

Blue Light Discos

Active partners include Fife Constabulary, Health Promotions, Fife Council’s Regeneration Team, Community Services, School Nurses, Health Promotions, Community Wardens, Community Volunteers, Flexible Curriculum, Family Support Workers, Home School Link Officers, Local Councillors, Children’s Reporter and Fife Fire and Rescue Service. A unique and innovative approach to tackling the problem of young people and alcohol and substance abuse originally set up in Australia 30 years ago. Blue Light Discos provide an alcohol free, drug free and violence free environment for young people from S1 to S4 to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. These events were established as a direct result of anti-social behaviour, youth crime and vandalism in the Dunfermline area. The discos are run one Friday per month and entry is by tickets only, which are sold at schools at a cost of £1.00 to make it affordable. A tuck shop is also provided at minimum mark up on the goods sold. The events run from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Another key part is the ‘Chill Out’ room which provides the young people with a quieter area to interact with each other and to interact with the other agencies in this room e.g. Health Promotion Staff, Youth Workers and the Fire Service. Intelligence shows that the events have a noticeable effect on the youth disorder and vandalism on the nights of the Discos in the Methil and Glenrothes areas. The Service uses this opportunity to try to engage with the young persons by taking along video clips on a laptop computer and also utilising the operational crews, who attend with items of equipment whereby the young people can get ‘hands on’ experience. We discuss with them issues such as secondary fires, hoax calls and attacks on firefighters. In Levenmouth it is an outdoor mobile event and is called “Bluelight Safe Zone”


Junior Warden Scheme

Active partners include the local authority, Fife Constabulary, Fife Fire and Rescue Service and NHS Fife. Since its inception the scheme has had over 50 young people taking part by enabling them to become involved in their local communities by promoting citizenship and ownership along with responsibility and pride by improving the environment of the area in which they live. This has been achieved through litter pick ups and raising their awareness of the impact on anti-social behaviour, to contribute to long term reduction. The Service participates by holding visits to the station to raise awareness of fire and the danger it can cause, especially the onus of hoax calls and hope that affects the efficiency of the delivery to the general public. Although an event is not as yet being organised for 2008 it is hoped that an Open Day will be held on a Bi-annual basis at both Glenrothes and Methil Fire Stations.

On the Ball Project

A football focused initiative aimed at P6, P7, S1 and S2 pupils. The project targets young people who are ‘at risk’ and ‘vulnerable’ and is funded by ‘Active Steps’, a project which targets young people on the verge of offending. The programme is run for 10 weeks and the Service deliver a session designed to get the young people thinking about Fire Safety and in particular the consequences of hoax calls and firesetting. This raises the awareness of the dangers faced in daily life and the need to develop responsible attitudes to fire.

Stairway to Heaven Initiative

It has been agreed that in partnership with Locality Managers, Estates Management and Community Wardens in the Levenmouth and Glenrothes areas, a Fire Crew will attend any addresses where storage of combustibles within communal stairways is of concern. We are committed to carrying out a visit similar to a “Hot Strike” within 72 hours of receiving information from the partners of an address of concern.

Street Live

A football focused initiative aimed at teenagers has been developed over the past year in partnership with the Levenmouth Regeneration Group, Fife Police and the YMCA. The project is now managed on a full time basis by an organisation called “Kinetics”.

The project targets young people and tries to discourage antisocial behaviour by providing an enjoyable, safe and activity based environment on Friday evenings. The Fire Service attends these events when requested to do so by the partners. It gives us the opportunity to positively engage with young people and to pass on our fire safety message.

In Partnership with Sensory Impairment Centre, Kirkcaldy

People who are profoundly deaf were visited to highlight home fire safety. This was done with a sign language interpreter. Elderly Groups and Forums were visited to inform of fire safety in the home.

The Princes Trust XL Club

Kirkcaldy High School participated in a programme which was run for 6 weeks and the Service delivered sessions designed to get the young people thinking about Fire Safety and in particular the consequences of hoax calls and fire setting. This raises the awareness of the dangers faced in daily life and the need to develop responsible attitudes to fire. Crews over a five-week period teamed up with Clued Up to inform the role of the Fire Service in the community. This highlighted Hoax Calls, Secondary Fire Awareness and Road Safety.


Crews were also engaged in several initiatives with local young people during the year. In partnership with Tibal (Together in Benarty and Lochgelly) the service personnel spoke about their role in the Fire Service and highlighted secondary fires and road safety.

The People Who Help Us Programme

Crews invited a local Primary School onto the station as part of this programme. Crews visited local primary schools within the area to give information on safety at Bonfires and the consequences of Hoax calls. Intervention personnel from Rosyth have trained regularly over the year with other agencies, and with other FFRS personnel; continuing to improve their level of response to the identified areas of high risk. Tactical information plans have been produced as part of an ongoing programme to increase the safety of firefighters and members of the public, in a range of premises within the station area.


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